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      Hi Gillian/Everyone,

      Apologies for this as I am always going on about it but this is so very important to me.
      Exactly 12 weeks ago today was the last time I stepped on my scales. I think Universal intervention helped along the way as my batteries had died anyway, and I decided not to replace them. I cannot begin to express the absolute relief and sense of liberation and freedom I am now experiencing. Why oh why did I put myself through that torture 3 or 4 times a day, every single day!! Focusing on non weight motivation and being kinder to myself and my body has helped enormously.
      I still have a way to go with my overeating (and this week 3, addictive desire is especially challenging for me) but the fact that I am not relentlessly beating myself up daily because of my weight gain and loss (even a loss would be never be enough) is a genuine “weight” off of my shoulders. Thank you Gillian, thank you everyone – I love this course!!

      Lesley X

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      That’s great, Lesley.

      Usually letting go of the scales is feared because it may lead to even more weight gain.

      But if you have identified real, solid non-weight reasons to eat less, that’s not likely to happen.

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