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      Hi Gillian!
      Thank you for this new information. Just finished the webinar! Okay so last night, I had had a good-sized dinner and served dessert to many people.
      I had a cookie and tiny scoop of ice cream which felt “normal” and not addictive.
      When they left, I recalled I had a bag of Cadbury easter candies in the cupboard.
      I CHOSE to have a handful. And then another handful.
      Those two handfuls, in my opinion, would be the addictive desire.
      I know it will creep up again tonight, as I make a “plan” to have a decent-sized dessert, but always want to continue the sweets.
      I KNOW it’s just a habit because when I don’t do it, I feel restless and like I’m missing something.
      Any advice on how to sit through the addictive desire that I know will come back soon?

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      First of all, there’s the “Working Through Desire” technique I introduced in Week 3 (together with the mp3 if you wanted to listen to that). You don’t say you went through that process at all and what that was like for you.

      You ask how to “sit through the addictive desire that will come back soon”. Do you mean that you think Working Through should make it go away for the rest of the day or evening? It’s not always like that, which is the reason it’s best to accept, rather than distract. When you say, “I know it will creep up again tonight” I think, “of course!”

      I’m still finding it tricky to understand what you’re asking, so let me know.

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