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      Hi Gillian,
      When it comes to free choice I am still struggling a bit. I have a very long history of compliance, perfectionism and resulting yo-yo dieting so it feels like that thinking is ingrained in my brain.

      I was thinking that as well as telling myself I have a choice would it be helpful to say that I want to as well. So as to put the conversation in a positive light and maybe change it from something I am missing out on to something I am gaining? For example;

      I can’t keep eating like this/I can keep eating like this and accept that life
      But also add in
      I WANT to not eat like this because I WANT a different life and that is what I choose in this moment

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      I appreciate the question, but if you go to 3.5 on the course dashboard you’ll see in the “Working Through” video and notes underneath that the third line is: “Assert free choice – including outcomes” so it looks to me that already covers it.

      That in itself may well not make a dent in your perfectionism, though, as you could still insist on making perfect and consistent choices that create any particular outcome.

      There’s a lot more on this in Week 6, but meanwhile you might want to take a look at Stanford University researcher Dr Carol Dweck who developed the theory of Growth Mindset. I’m personally not crazy about her book, but she has quite a few YT vids where she explains how perfectionism blocks progress/learning/growth.

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