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      Corina G

      The effects of this course are continuing to unfold for me.
      The “fine tuning” you talked about in the last webinar it is not actually ‘fine” at all, but, I’d say, it is a blatant statement. It hit me very hard with the deep realization that actually I do not feel free to choose and although I choose, my mind is still ruled by old programs which, no matter how well I eat, behave, etc, always say: Not enough, not perfect, etc…
      So, I understand that my eating, in general is much better than I assess it to be, but my mind is still the prisoner of the early programs of perfection imposed on me.
      I hope it makes sense.
      Again, I want to say that this course is so profound because it shows me how inherited life patterns, stress and traumas can be transmitted through eating patterns, eating being an undeniable function of the human being, part of life itself, so through eating issues life is transmitted incomplete, without the joy inherent in feeding as normal nourishment and nurture.

      During the last 2 weeks I lost the most 2 loving and loved women in my life, one being my spiritual mentor and “mother”, all while working on eating, nurture and mother wound…so forgive me if I sound random… I hope that one day I will be able to write something about this.
      I am “withdrawing” to a silent retreat, and I am so glad to have all meals provided- to be taken care of, like a baby.
      I wish you all great patience, love to yourselves and consistent results.

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      Thanks, Corina, for taking the time to keep us up to date with what’s happening for you. Very sad news and I am sorry to hear of these losses. I’m impressed with how you can put yourself in a space to be taken care of.

      Apologies for misinterpreting your progress in this course. It’s tough for me to know.

      Looking forward to the time when you want to be in contact again. Let me know if there’s anything I can do.

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      Corina G

      I wanted to say that what you said it is so true and way beyond…very profound for me.
      I am.very grateful.

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