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      Clare C

      Long post alert!
      I wanted to post as I’ve benefitted from others’ posts and hope that this may help people who like me have felt that progress has been a “slow burn”. I have known about and had faith in Gillian’s work for a long time and the online course has really proved significant for me. I started the course back in May and had some limited success with eating less for a short period over the summer. I started the course again the next time it ran and dipped in and out and reminded myself of the principles. At the start of December it suddenly all came together and I am now eating less. I haven’t had a “binge” since then which for me is astounding especially given we’ve had Christmas in that period. It wasn’t a case of, “tomorrow I’m starting this regime”, I’m not eating perfectly and I have overeaten on occasion. All of this has given me freedom. I face my AD and remind myself that I can truly eat what I want. There’s a lot I want to work on still but I can’t overemphasise the difference it’s already making to my life. I’m happier, I can focus all day at work, I get up early in the mornings to have a walk before work, I sleep better, I have more time, I’m calmer and the list goes on. Sometimes I stop and remind myself of how different I feel and it amazes me. There is some fear that this may only be temporary but it feels different to anything else I’ve done. I’ve tried a lot of things to eat less but they have almost always been focussed on weight loss and been driven by the number on the scales. I am definitely losing weight as my clothes are getting looser but I’m working hard not to let that play a significant role in how and what I eat or indeed in how I feel. I will repeat Gillian’s course next month to embed the principles even further. I feel excited for the future and curious about what I can do in regard to further changes to support my health and well-being. None of this has happened overnight and I won’t deny that I did wonder at times whether I was going to be able to make changes. I think for me it’s been about taking the time to absorb it all, practising it and trusting it will work if I put in the effort. Thank you Gillian!

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      Thank you Clare C for your post. It gives me hope. I’m still trying to absorb everything, process everything, apply everything. I’m so pleased for you.

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      Thank you Clare. This is so helpful for me as it’s confirmation that the slower route works fine, it’s just slower!

      I did once believe that if people didn’t get to grips with the material right away, they wouldn’t ever do it. So I’m on a learning curve too, and I like that. And I can flag that up as a credible possibility, as there are certainly others doing it this way.

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