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      Gillian, I’d appreciate a comment on this.
      I’ve been trying to reinforce my sense of choice, that I can eat whatever and whenever I want. I find that I am thinking of eating more often, and foods and at times when I used not to- for example, if I have a cup of tea, I’ll think ‘I could have a biscuit with that..’. I didn’t consciously prohibit myself from having a biscuit with my tea before, but generally I just never thought of doing so. So it feels like it is now harder to eat in a way that I want, and I’m eating more that I used to. Do I just need to keep reinforcing the ‘consequences’ side of the balance- I think I might in effect be just asking myself if I fancy eating something (to which the answer will usually be ‘yes’!) Or is there something else I could do? It’s nothing to do with hunger. Thanks.

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      I took a look at your “Exploring..” comments for Week 2 and you scored 125 in May and then 126 in the current one. Not sure where you picked up that extra point (!) but both of them indicate an issue with free choice that you will do well to address.

      It’s not unusual to eat more at first, but you are absolutely correct in that the complete picture of what you’re choosing will be helpful (how will I feel about it later on; is it going to matter to me in any way?).

      Our next theme of desire will be important too, and that material becomes available later today. And it all revolves around choice, so the webinar today will help, either live or in the replay.

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