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      Hi guys

      Just thought I would share another motivation I have used this week.

      I often pay for things using my contactless card, which means it was easy last night to track occasional small spends at local shops using my bank statements. Most of these spends are for a few essential items (such as milk, or onions) and then addictive, processed food bought on impulse.

      I worked out that between the beginning of May and now, I have spent £115 on crap food – so probably around £1,300 a year on food I do not need and that is making me ill – and not money I can really afford as I am self-employed.

      That is definitely one of the ‘consequences’ I’ll be reminding myself about when I next go shopping!


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      Excellent, Louise. I wonder if there’s even more hidden in your general supermarket shopping?

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      Jenny Rocke

      This is a big motivation for me too – the amount of money wasted on crap food that I don’t need is really quite shocking!! That money could be spent much better elsewhere.

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