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      Following on from the second webinar and the suggested exercise given, here are my six statements about ‘If I have choice….’ I found it quite hard….

      1. I would realise that I am not trapped into a mindset of wrestling whether I should eat something or not
      2. I have freedom
      3. I will have confidence in my decisions
      4. There will not be a value judgement on myself every time I think about wanting to eat
      5. I will have a practical mechanism that works
      6. it is something inside of me that will last

      Im interested to know what you think if this is on the right track.

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      Lucinda, it certainly is on the right track. The important thing is that YOU came up with the completion to that phrase. There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers – just simply what you write down as your answer. Very good to keep doing this exercise, any time you have a moment, just ask yourself, “If I own my choices about what I eat…” and make a note of whatever comes to mind, whatever it is.

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