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      Sophia G.

      Hi Gang

      I wonder if other people find your food choices are changing as we do this method? I used to really like toast (usually not completely wheat bread but plenty of wheat in it) with marge and honey on, mmmm yummy.

      But now I really don’t fancy it. It seems so over sweet and it’s gone in a couple of bites as still so more-ish, and it seems a ‘waste’ of a good ‘eating opportunity’/snack time. And I also know something about the downside of wheat plus the high GI, which also puts me off when I’m considering it in my choice technique.
      But mainly the lightness of it is not appealing. It goes down so quickly somehow.

      I find I much prefer something savoury on it now, houmous, or cheese. Much nicer, for me. Yum yum mmmmmm.

      (Without marge. The houmous doesn’t need marge, and I now use humous instead of marge on cheese and toast etc anyway. Seems healthier and it stops the edges of the toast getting burned under the grill – the houmous makes a barrier to burning, whereas the marge just soaked in.)

      The thing is, it’s an unusual change for me, and it’s happened all on its own really, as the toast with honey just doesn’t appeal so much at all.

      I’m also finding Gregg’s triple chocolate muffins much easier to resist. !!!!

      PS I wonder if my body is getting more sensitive and recognising the subtleties more. That seems possible.

      I wonder if others are finding similar?

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      Hi Sophie, interesting, and yes, I have found that as I have introduced changes in what I eat that addictive food is usually less appealing to me, though not always, and I still experience addictive desire sometimes.

      I think what changed for me was not so much my desire for the taste, texture etc of food, but the new associations I brought to it – noticing how it made me feel after eating: how it gave me migraines, sore joints, tinnitus etc. Those associations gradually became more prominent for me, and seeing or smelling certain foods that I used to enjoy brought those predictions along. Seeing all the outcomes, I suppose, all the consequences, made certain food less desirable. And I have certainly found that processed food, especially sweet food, tastes alien and unpleasant now, so I would say my taste buds have definitely changed in that respect as well.

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      Hi Sophia,

      That’s really interesting. Encouraging development! It sounds as if you’re thinking more about the contents of the food and how healthy (or not) it is too, when deciding whether to eat it at the time you’re going for a snack.

      I’m not sure that my tastes have changed yet in that way, but I’m noticing at times that my craving for foods which trigger my addictive desire isn’t quite as strong, and that going through the process of identifying the desire, owning free choice and choosing if I do want to eat it at this moment or not really does help with ‘shrinking the dinosaur’!

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