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      Hello Gillian and all others,
      I read a lot here in the forum, even if I don’t write many posts because I am not fluent in writing English and always need a translation program. Thank you for all the interesting and educational insights I get from you.
      I realize that I am sometimes comparing myself to you and evaluating my successes, thinking I am not doing enough, I am not yet where I want to be. On the other hand I have chosen the path of baby steps, because I know that I have started many diets in my life with enthusiasm, and was successful at the beginning, but then quickly gained back all the weight I had lost. And was so disappointed in myself. So now, with this wonderful approach, I wanted to go slow and persevere. I did baby steps, because I was afraid that once again something would not work.
      I’m now on my fourth round, and I’m so grateful that this opportunity exists. Slowly slowly I am changing habits, attitudes and I am working through my Addictive Desire.
      And only now have I understood why I have not yet been able to change my habit of eating too much at every meal .I always thought I need to eat less , I need to eat , especially in the evening , less for the rest of my life , only then I will be healthier,sleep better , be able to lose weight etc . And therefore could not experiment with it moment by moment. just try it out, eat less tonight and see what happens, was somehow impossible for me. For a few days after doing the exercise on choice again now I have the inner freedom to try out what happens when I apply plans in the evening. I have to say, the AD is nowhere near as bad as I feared, especially since I know I can always eat some more, or go back to eating so much the next night.
      A year ago I thought sugary foods were going to be my problem, but the cravings have radically diminished, and sometimes I eat them and often I don’t, and I can recognize and work through the AD. Nibbling while cooking is no longer a problem and I don’t find cooking so bad and I don’t feel so pressured anymore.
      My desire to nibble on the sofa in the evening is very rarely there anymore, and sometimes I do , and most of the time I don’t and work through my addicitive desire. The wiring in my brain seems to have loosened up and faded away….
      Why am I writing this down? I think most for myself and for all who also go baby steps….

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      Hi Gunici, thank you for sharing. It is so encouraging to hear how baby steps have helped and that you are now making free choices. I’m so glad you shared this with us.
      I felt like you to, eating too much for dinner and snacking while I cooked , now with using Gillisns methods, it is working for me too.

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      Thank you for that post, Gunici, and you too, Carla!

      Yes, I find it so encouraging and hopeful that baby steps are the way to go. I’ve tended to try and be perfectionist with diets in the past—all or nothing—and it’s liberating to realise that I can only progress slowly-slowly, and with some steps back as well from time to time. No, I’m not perfect; there are going to be mistakes, probably many many of them, but I’m heading in the right direction and choosing more freely for myself rather than letting the addictive desire choose for me.

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