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      Barbara D

      Hi everyone I just wanted to share a great experience I had last night. I was in the kitchen after dinner clearing up. One of my issues is that I hate to waste food it’s a deeply ingrained value, and there is nothing wrong with that. But I often eat the leftovers so they do not waste which I am recognising as an excuse I am giving myself for addictive eating and definitely something I want to do less of.
      So I catch myself eating some leftover pasta out of the pan and a voice in my head says “no you are not allowed that”. But then I remembered I had choice and reminded myself how I would feel if I ate the left over pasta. I noticed that there had been a little rebellion beginning in me when I told myself I wasn’t allowed and the recognition of choice just “switched” the rebellion off.
      Wow, this course is giving me an awareness and last night’s experience was amazing to be able to nip the start of trancelike grazing just like that felt such a relief

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      Wonderful news, Barbara! I love that you shared this success. I really believe that, for me, paying attention to these ‘little’ moments (and giving myself credit for them) is the way I’m going make changes. Well done and thanks for the reminder! Leslie

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      Excellent, Barbara.

      I wish everyone on this course has this kind of light-bulb moment when they feel a real shift come from a switch in thinking.

      This is exactly what it’s all about, and leads to change that lasts because it’s based in your own experience – which you can now draw on and develop.

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