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      Sophia G.

      This has probably been said many times before!

      But just to say that I notice things I didn’t use to notice, like headaches. I used to often have headaches, all day, minor but not good.

      Now if I have a headache I look for a probable cause. Like yesterday, & I thought, Hmmm I had that hot Greggs vegan sos roll the day before, which I do sometimes love, but I know it must be packed with awful things, and I was able to directly link that to my headache.

      But also I’m eating much more healthier now, since taking up Gillian’s method again, & I suspect my whole system has got used to eating good stuff and is now much more sensitive to the rubbish i occasionally have, whereas in the past my body may have put up with it more as it was more normal? Or maybe I just didn’t link the various causes and consequences, like with my Greggs vegan sos roll thing.

      Is this a common experience ? I’m sure it must be.
      And do you find your body expecting better quality food and your bod noticing the bad stuff more, or is that not the case really?

      What is your experience?

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      Hi Sophia! I agree with you – if I eat addictively, I find myself much less tolerant of the symptoms, such as tinnitus, headache, aching legs etc. I think in my own mind I make a much stronger connection between these symptoms and what I’ve been eating than I did in the past.

      Whereas before I often just resigned myself to them – put up with them – making the connection with what I was eating much more visible to myself changed all that. Before doing the course, I could blame it on all sorts of other things, like stress or whatever, but now being highly mindful of how certain very addictive foods affect me, I know exactly what the culprit is! I think as you suggest it’s a mixture of being mentally less willing to tolerate discomfort from eating addictively, and the body itself saying instinctively ‘hey, I really don’t think I want this!’

      That’s why, if I do overeat, I find it reassuring rather than restrictive to return to what is now my normal eating pattern of healthy food, not too much.

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