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      Hi Renee, Gillian and everybody!

      In webinar 6 I had said that I would write to you Renee about this but I was busy with visits, birthdays and others. Sorry for the delay = (

      I also have many issues with the body, my image, the photos, the clothes, the image, etc. A whole issue and problem related to the body. I think my problem with food has come from wanting to change my body, starting with diets, eating alone and secretly, restricting and then binging or overeating, when in fact when Ive started: I had the weight that I would like to have since years ago…

      I will tell you what is helping me to connect with the benefits of eating less, the non weight motivation, I hope it helps you!

      – I think not weighing yourself is essential to stop thinking about diets, and the shape or size of the body. And in wanting to modify it. Weighing yourself makes you continue to connect your value or your decisions when eating guided by the number that marks the scale at that moment in which you weigh yourself.

      – The “cleaning” of instagram accounts and other social networks, stop following accounts, so you start to stop having those normalized and “perfect” bodies as a reference, in my case they only made me compare myself, feel bad and think that diet would be the solution and that this time I would do it. Which obviously led me to get frustrated, because I didn’t do it and Ive ended in those diet-restriction-binge circles, with the mentality that we have just seen now in the webinar, the all or none, you even end up gaining weight. So, having stopped following those accounts, and following bodypositive, haes, bodytrust, bodyconfidence, bodyneutrality accounts has helped me a lot with my image when I look in the mirror and begin to have respect for myself, my body, and start to appreciate it for things that is able to do before by how it looks. It seems silly, but it helps. It helps to start seeing yourself with different eyes.

      – Inform me about acceptance and body confidence. Listen to podcast, read books, do a workshop, register on pages where you receive the newsletter, you even have ebooks with exercises to do and reconnect. Writing is a very helpful thing to do. For example, write everyday three things that you like of your body, that you like or your are thankful.

      – Also going to psychotherapy helps a lot. And specially if it is a psyco that gives you exercises to do at home, written exercises.

      – I would say that all this makes you start to make peace with yourself, to put your shape and size aside, leave that centrist weight motivation, and be able to focus on another type of motivation that now we know it works and it lasts. What I tell myself is that if it doesn’t work for years to focus on weight, it will be time to think and act differently.

      In my case, it was very difficult for me and sometimes it is still difficult to focus on motivation that is not focused on weight. But working on body image for a few months now, is making it easier for me to put the whole course into practice in this second round. I think it helps a lot to become aware that the culture we live in is fat-phobic and that affects us a lot. Being fat is wrong, being thin is good. And if you are fat, you have to lose weight for “health” “for your good” because in that way you will solve all your ills because thin you will be healthy, when we know that it is not.
      I can be healthy by having a few extra pounds, and I can be sick by being thin. I can start living better with my choices now and I can start to be healthier without my weight changing. Without focusing on the weight, that will come, or not. With more respect, appreciation, trust, acceptance.

      Hope it helps!
      And I don’t know what Gillian thinks about all of this 😊

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      Gillian thinks it’s great!

      Thank you, Guadalupe, for taking the time to write all of this.

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      Renée L

      Thank you Guadalupe!

      All of this is very helpful!

      I will write more when I get the chance. I know these holiday months are busy. Hope you are well!

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      Thanks Gillian =)
      And thanks Renee, hope something help you, and anyone here in the forum =)

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      Thanx guadalupe, yes It did help.

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      Thank you Guadalupe 😁 wow!
      The first point you made is exactly where I’m at. You are so right about those scales. I believe it is essential to let go of them in order to stop thinking about diets.
      I am working on that as well as self acceptance.
      Thank you so much for your post.

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      Im happy this helps someone =) There are a lot of books about body image, self acceptance, and also podcasts.
      If you google “PODCAST BODY IMAGE” they will appear a lot, or BODY ACCEPTANCE. There are also workbooks very helpful.

      The problem I find with a few of this body image, body acceptance podcasts and books, is that sometimes they relate them to intuitive eating. And I think that intuitive eating doesnt work when you have an addiction or a bad relationship with food as I think maybe all of us who are here in this course have. So we have to be carefully, because “intuitive eating” is everywhere, and maybe this doesnt help us.

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