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      Hi ELO-ers! Just a little grumble from me, because since I started back at work, my AD has soared. It’s an old trigger – the combination of boredom and stress, and long hours facing a screen – that’s ringing Pavlov’s bell for me.

      I won’t say I haven’t given in sometimes, because I most certainly have, and reminding myself that is normal, and also my choice, helps. But what also helps is feeling the desire, sitting with it, not trying to ignore it. Like Julia, I am cross that my AD is still here!

      Other tips gratefully received from anyone going through the same!

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      Julie Mann

      Louise, what we resist persists. When you fight your AD it will get stronger!
      And truly, nothing has gone wrong. It’s your brain protecting itself from danger. So you can say, “thank you brain and remember I’m just fine. No dinosaurs, just returning to work.”
      And perhaps you can smile and detach a bit since the exact things happen to us all when we are back in stressful situations and/or in new stressful situations.
      But for sure, if you fight it or get upset it will stick around and get stronger, so try to lighten up and remember all of the wisdom you have inside of you!!

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      Thanks Julie! The dinosaurs are memorable – I will use that! I notice that back in my smoking days, I always smoked when I was stressed and bored or ‘stuck’. I think I may well have replaced that with eating.

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