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      Carolyn N

      Hi Gillian and everyone. Years of diet clubs, including a total meal replacement one- losing 5 stone, gaining 6, and repeat, had made me quite phobic about forbidden foods.I’m sure you all have such a list from similar experiences.
      So I felt I wanted to teach myself to eat cake or ice cream- or any other ‘forbidden’ food with enjoyment and calmness rather than it being a binge activity.
      so I made a time and plan to go and buy a small ice cream, bring it home, sit down and eat it. Then working through the addictive desire that set off- as it usually does (more, or maybe cheese, or a slice of toast, or two…)
      It was very interesting and certainly the addictive desire was very strong. Now I feel I have made some progress- and maybe I can always eat cake and ice cream in any quantity at any time of the day or night- and I can chose not to do so too. My feeling is this is solid work and will take time but is so different- and it will work!

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      Julie Mann

      It is solid work!!!

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      Wonderful, Carolyn. That’s exactly the process.

      As a general principle in the field of neuroplasticity, the more you move into the difficulty, the more effect you’re having on your neural pathways. And next time, you return to something that has already started to be established, and draw on that.

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      Julie Mann

      Gillian thank you for posting this just now.

      I’m dealing with some uncertainty at work and some new growth in my relationship. Both are a bit scary to me in different ways.

      Suddenly I wanted to take extra food at my evening meal. Then I read your post and remembered that turning to food NEVER helps, always makes things worse, cannot relieve my fear. And also, of course desire for food is coming now, because I’ve practiced that over and over again.

      I’m choosing to allow the desire, allow the uncertainty, and I’ll be so glad I did. And then I’ll have that to draw on next time I’m facing fear/uncertainty in life.

      Thank you.

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      Renée L

      Hi Carolyn and Everyone!

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Before knowing about Gillian’s techniques, I tried to eat dessert in portions, sometimes with success if my addictive desire for them was not so strong, and sometimes with disastrous results despite my best intentions. But your story gives me hope and the courage to try again when I am ready!

      Please keep us posted about your progress, and I will as well.

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