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      Hello Gillian and all! I’m having a lot of addictive desire lately in “random” situations in which I don’t think I consciously expect food. But I’ve just realised my period is probably near (I never know for sure because my menstrual cycle is very very irregular), and I do eat more before my period, so is it possible that the hormonal changes are themselves a cue, even when I’m not even aware they are taking place? Is it possible to not be aware of the existence a cue and still respond to it?

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      Yes, absolutely. I’ve heard this many times, from many different women.

      And as for cues in general, it can often be the case that the cue for the desire was so familiar and unremarkable, or fleeting and vague, that it was never noticed or identified.

      I’ve often heard clients say the way they know it’s that time of the month is they’re wanting to eat, or actually eating more.

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      Yes! It happens to me, a lot.

      For a few months, I began to take notes when I felt anxious, irritable or with more urges to eat and even eating more and worse. I started to write it down in the agenda, the day of the period and what happened to me. And after a few months, the pattern of irritability, the desire for controlled sweetness, is repeated, which leads me to feel bad for not having control, which leads me to think of dieting as a solution and I don’t know, a chaos of thoughts . Luckily I have already identified what happens to me between days 21 and 26 of the period. So I try to apply extreme self compassion when I am in those days. And find a way to eat in a way that doesn’t lead me to regret it. Luckily I am regular and it is easy for me to keep track. If you are very irregular, maybe you can write it down, and identify when it happens to you, maybe it will always coincide with x days before your period comes.

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