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      Dear Gillian, dear all, I often cannot feel what food makes me feel like, do I sleep better or not, do I feel not so sleepy? It is unconscious, I think I learned to ignore this during all the periods of dieting. So this will be a new journey…

      Greetings from gunici

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      Lauren W

      I have your exact same issue. I don’t get any kind of a sugar rush or the jitters from caffeine. I don’t notice if I feel better or worse depending on what I eat.

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      Lauren and Gunici

      Sometimes when you don’t see non-weight benefits, it can be due to:

      1. You haven’t made a big enough change to make a difference – I don’t know, so this is just a suggestion for you to consider.
      2. It’s got more to do with knowing you’re doing what’s best for yourself and your health – the more immediate benefits aren’t necessarily always physical.
      3. It can be that you stop eating a particular kind of food for a while, and it’s only when you re-introduce it that you feel the impact it has on your health and well-being.

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      Lisa C


      I feel the same. I don’t seem to notice too many effects from food that I eat, soon after I eat. What I do notice is how all my foods that I ate seem to affects me a day or so after I eat them.

      So – too much food in the afternoon, evening – not particularly more tired/ill – BUT the next morning – bloating, discomfort, too full feeling, sad feeling as I don’t feel hungry at all for breakfast, pants feel tighter… those are the ways that my overeating makes me feel like.
      I usually cannot pinpoint if there actually WAS a food that disagreed with my body. In a way, it doens’t matter. What matters to me is that I chose to overeat again.
      So then I have tried to work on reminding myself of what’s motivating me to NOT eat that way again the next time I eat, whenever that is in the day.
      So – tomorrow morning, I want to have that light feeling I had the other morning. I want my pants to not feel tight. I want to feel good about myself because I chose to eat in a way that’s caring for myself.

      How does that sound Gillian?

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      Yes, Lisa, I agree with you that the effects can be much more clear the following day. I think this is still faster feedback than weight loss for most people and easier to attach the particular benefit to the food/eating choice you made the day before.

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      I agree Lisa. It is always the day after that I can see the results of me having over eaten on junk food. Today is one of those days. I chose to have a sugary treat or three last night and today I’m so tired and bloated and sinusy. But it’s a good reminder for me as to why I will make healthier choices in the future. I dont like this fog brain and tiredness.

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