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      Cyndi B.

      Hello friends,
      As was suggested in last Sunday’s webinar, I thought a check-in of sorts might be helpful for some of us, like me; please do join in, everyone, in part or parcel if at all inclined.

      *How are you doing?

      *What course material is resonating with you currently?

      This week I’ve had a bit of illness, and that has been a unique motivation for me to not overeat and eat even a bit more healthy- like no wine and eliminating processed foods; where as normally I can have a bit of wiggle room with those and dont notice negative outcomes. In fact eating those foods a bit regularly maybe help me not go into strict diet mode… which then careens into a ball of fire. Maybe this is just me getting used to the middle way. So this week, when I think- do I want to throw a few chips on the side of this lunch plate? I’ve just been regularly thinking- nahh, my body has enough to deal with now… let’s just see how it goes without them for now.
      I do feel a growing trust in myself as being a self caregiver, an ally. I mean, the fact that a half bag of chips lingers in my cupboard is something. The material on CHOICE has been really profound for me in this way… like I found permission to actually step into agency around my eating.

      *In reviewing the course material, I’ve listened and read the material on MOTIVATION the most this week.

      How ‘bout you? 💙

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