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      Jasper G.

      Hi Gillian / Forum
      I don’t think I’m getting my head around this.

      I have a packet of lindor mini eggs in my kitchen (for a baking recipe).
      A week ago I would have scoffed them all at once after my dinner, without a second thought, then felt stuffed, uncomfortable, guilty, mad at myself for going over calories etc.

      If I follow this programme I would stop and think before eating them? I would think, it’s my choice, I can eat them all if I want to but I would feel stuffed, uncomfortable, mad at myself, there’s no valuable nutrition in these, etc. Therefore I don’t really want to eat them now so I won’t. I could always have them later or tomorrow.

      Is this how it works?

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      If you remember I’ve said there are three core themes to put together to get the results you’re after: Motivation (Week 1), Choice (Week 2) and Desire (Week 3).

      So you’ve got part of it here, but think you’ll get a better sense of it all together after going through the Week 3 course material. Even then, there are three more weeks to the course, so a fair bit more to cover.

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