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      Hello all, and Gillian if she is reading this.

      I wondered whether people had found it easy to decide what ‘one behaviour’ to change following Sunday’s webinar?

      I am a bit undecided: on the one hand, something really easy (such as not eating when I get in the car – a classic for me) seems to be aiming a bit low, but I don’t want to set up a target that is unachievable. I can already feel myself going into ‘diet mode’ and coming up with ideas such as not eating any sugar, or not eating any bread or cakes (which is probably going to fail).

      I have sort of settled on having four meals a day, but I am now really hungry and there is a cake in the cupboard…

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      Louise, changing one thing at a time was just a suggestion – it could be two or even more! It really doesn’t matter where you start as long as you don’t try to do ‘everything’ as your diet mode implies. The idea is to practice working through desire to get an experience of that, and it doesn’t matter too much what the desired item happens to be. Remember there’s lots more to come, too.

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