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      Firstly thank you to Gillian for the wonderful presentation last night. Also, a big thank you to all of you who shared your issues and problems as these helped to expose my own problematic behaviour. Essentially, that I am not fully owning my choices in particular I am not owning the outcome of my choices.

      Intellectually, I understand that if I eat too much food that I will gain weight. But when I chose not to eat something say like cake I was also thinking that it wasn’t fair that I had to choose and I resented having to choose. I wanted to be able to eat the cake and not have any consequences. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if this was the case but it is not. No matter how much I wish it. I can now see how this has led me to feeling deprived and resentful that I am missing out.

      I now see that if I choose to eat cake I am also choosing the consequences, I may not like it but that is definitely my reality. If I choose not to eat the cake I am also choosing to forego the brief pleasure in favour of all the benefits I get by not eating the cake. The choice is definitely mine.

      This is a HUGE shift in my thinking. I can’t thank you all enough.

      I apologise for using a ‘weight’ reason but I have been thinking this way for 45+ years and it is going to take me a bit of work to change my priorities.

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      Excellent, Judith, and thanks for posting this.

      I’m delighted and sure you’ll see non-weight benefits too, especially now you’ve had this HUGE shift in your thinking.

      Yes, it is HUGE 🙂

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