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      Hi Gillian and everyone, this is my 3rd Webinar series and something that Gillian said in the week 4 Webinar of this current series has made a huge difference to me. Gillian said that a lot people “don’t have an adult experience of an adult sense of choice”. Wow…that is so me!! I have not felt that I had the freedom to eat whatever I liked since I was about 11 years of age and I’m now 58!! What I have always found was that sometimes I could be good and diet and then often for many years now, I would not want to diet and think that I just wanted to eat “normally” but all that came of that was that I binged because I still didn’t allow myself the real freedom to eat what I chose to. I made a decision recently to really commit to doing something about this and not just listening to Gillian and then forgetting about it all. I have been doing the session 2 Choice exercises and also making notes regarding choice from the Webinars, that I’m reading every day, and I can feel a real shift in how I finally see having a choice about what and how much I eat.
      I’m finally feeling really hopeful of making a breakthrough and I want to have an “adult experience of an adult sense of choice”.

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      Sarah Mac

      Hi Robyn

      That bit where Gillian mentioned an ‘adult sense of choice’ really stuck with me too for all the reasons you say and a similar timeline! It made me feel less self-blaming about it all: I can’t be responsible for my sense of choice as a child but I can be responsible for my sense of choice as an adult.


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      Thank you for posting this, Robyn. I’m sure helpful to others, and great for me to read. Brilliant that you stuck with this long enough to get to see light at the end of your tunnel. A mindset that’s lasted a lifetime isn’t going to evaporate in seconds but that doesn’t mean you’re a lost cause either.

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