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      Barb R

      Wow, I’m really getting the importance of truly acknowledging that I have choice in what and when I eat. I had been trying to implement leaving time between my meals, and I was eating big meals in fear I’d get hungry, and aiming for not eating until four hours. I often had strong desires to eat before the four hours, and despite reminding myself I had that choice to eat at any time, it somehow felt like a prohibition. Anyway, I changed the timing this week to wait at least an hour after a snack, two hours after a small meal, and three hours after a large meal, and it has made all the difference. It’s supported me in realizing of course I have choice, and often when the time has passed, I’m not even interested in eating yet. So I’ve been eating less (familiar words!) this week, and so easily. It’s amazing to me this simple change has helped me to know and feel better how I have choices here.

      Thanks, Gillian, for emphasizing so strongly and in so many ways how important realizing we have choice is.

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      Thanks Barbara,

      I think I have been doing exactly your “Before scenario” I see it now. Thanks for posting

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      Thanks for this, Barb R.

      I have developed different ways of talking about choice because it is so tricky to grasp. Often people use the word “choice” and think they understand, but when it really does sink in, there’s such an obvious and unmistakable benefit, as you’ve seen.


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