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      Hello everyone!

      Great q&a on Sunday, thank you Gillian and everyone contributing.

      I just thought I would recommend the link to Chris Kesser’s ebooks on the ELO site. I had been getting in a bit of a tiz about low carb, high fat diets, but his book on low carb put me straight – it’s down to earth and explains why a LCHF diet is not a panacea and does not work for everyone – and also explains how to do it safely if you are suited to it.

      Great link, and I recommend visiting that for anyone doing low carb or keto.

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      Julia R

      I actually pulled my two books by Chris Kesser (Unconventional Medicine and The Paleo Cure) to check out, because of your post.
      I noticed the rules (it felt like rules) talking about going from Step 1 and being ready for Step 2, etc. Just a word of caution, not to get caught up in “do this, don’t do that”. I went thru that a couple of years ago with Adkins. It tripped me up a bit cause it is hard to work on Choice for example when someone has outlined exactly what one should eat. This may work for you but wanted to share because I don’t want you to take a step backwards in this journey.

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      Thanks Julia – I appreciate the advice, and take it on board. You are so right that it’s easy to be drawn back into compliance!

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      Just to make things a bit more clear, the free ebooks from the Kresser site are quite different from his published books – which I don’t recommend.

      “The Paleo Cure” describes an extreme elimination diet for those who are seriously sick and believe food is the cause but don’t know how to proceed with a cure. Typically they are the sort of people who have been on medications for years, and medications to deal with the side-effects of the other medications and they have run out of options to address any of it. “Unconventional Medicine” is about the healthcare industry and its alternatives.

      The free ebooks are an introduction to nutrition for more-or-less healthy people, and the impact different kinds of food can have on us. Yes, we absolutely want to take nutritional advice on board with a genuine sense of our own choice – but having the information is of value to point us in a good direction and give us some sound evidence-based theory behind it.

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      Julia R

      Thank you Gillian for clarifying! Appreciate this info. Will check it out.

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