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      I’ve had a couple of Christmas parties this week, plus it’s my 50th birthday next week, and I’ll be away, so people are celebrating around me lots at the moment.
      I haven’t had perfect eating for sure, but I have used plans, and working through my AD when I can. So I do feel I have tried to improve my eating this festive season.

      The side effects of over eating have been hugely obvious, after not over eating for a few weeks and feeling very well mentally and physically.
      1. Bloated and uncomfortably full tummy.
      2. Not sleeping well.
      3. Tired and sluggish
      4. Giving myself a hard time psychologically afterwards

      I really believe I can use this as great learning to help stick closer to the ‘bottom of the mountain’, as now I can
      CLEARLY see what it’s like to move up the mountain and I don’t like it. I choose to stay closer to the bottom.

      It feels like a revelation.
      Although I’ve made mistake recently, as long as I can learn from them, I’ll be able to move on with more focussed attention.

      How is everyone else coping with the silly season upon us?


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      Hi Sian,
      This was a really inspiring post – thank you! My take is the same as yours – I’ll do what I can, not expect to be perfect, and know that:
      a) this is a LOT better than I would have been eating before Gillian’s course and
      b) this time next year I will be even better!
      I am so grateful for learning about the “learning curve” with eating. For me it has always been “all or nothing” and it’s great to know that if I overeat IT’S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD! I don’t need to beat myself up, I can just relax, smile, and keep moving forwards.
      Well done, keep going, and Happy Birthday!!
      Nicola x

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      Way to go Nicola.
      I love your point B, that next year will be even better. That’s great optimism.

      I just need to remember to make my choice “Just for Now”!

      We can rock this!!!!!

      Merry Christmas.


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