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      To all the readers, the following don’t mean to offend anybody – it was just my own truth.

      Hi community, Hi Gillian,

      I tried to avoid reading the forum for a while now.
      My thoughts were something like:
      ‘I don’t want to read other people’s stories – I have my own tragedy’.
      ‘I can’t cope reading the stories – what if I will feel sad or unconfortable reading it’

      And I am realizing the following:
      *I don’t want to accept that I have an overeating problem. (I’m not like the community in the forum – NO NOT ME.)
      *I want to be over the overeating problem.
      *I don’t accept that I’m just at the beginning of my journey and that try and error will be my friend. (I hate try and error – I want prompt results.)
      *I’m furious of how much my mind goes to the weight motivation thoughts and how much appearence (looking good) matters to me – or ment to me.

      I feel like a 10year old.
      * ‘Don’t take my food away.’ this 10year old is shouting a lot.
      * ‘I will show the world that I’m going to eat a lot.’ this 10year old is saying.
      * ‘I’m stronger than you – I will overeat.’ she says.
      Seems that rebellion was my friend…..

      I have started reading the forum – gosh – what wonderfull stories I have read and how inspiering.
      I will read all the forum, every day for 20min – till I’m done. Thanx to all of you who have posted and shared their experiences and insights.

      Picking one thing to start my journey was difficult – but after reading the forum – I now have started with: less or not licking, less or not trying/eating food while preparing meals.
      Yesterday that worked well – I have licked only 3 times during preparing the meal. I was amazed how automatic I lick and eat while cooking. Puting on a mask while cooking is defnetly an option that I will take eventually.

      I was very good during the day yesterday – saw food that I didn’t need, saw my desier – didn’t eat.
      Only in the evening I have eaten a left over from my daughter and that kicked off the WhatTheHell effect. I had a lot of sweets afterwood. And feld bad about it.

      Today is a new day and I’m starting again.
      I’m starting again now and in every second of my life.

      Have a fab new years eve and a fantastic 2021.

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      Good to see you have discovered the riches in this forum, Daniela.

      I’ve been thinking of reproducing some of the best and collecting them together on a new page on the Dashboard, in the Extras section.

      They are too good to miss and not everyone will read every single comment ever posted!

      Happy New Year back to you and to everyone.

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      Hi Daniela
      I hear you loud and clear. I can relate to what you’ve said. It is so easy to see a huge mountain at the start and that dread feeling of “how am I going to do it?” You want to walk away and rebel just like the 10year old. I’ve done that over and over again. I’m 57 years young and have had food issues since the age of 11. It is only in the last 12 months that I’ve really begun to unpick and question my food relationship. Most of my journey so far has been 2 steps forward then 1 step back. But I’m keeping on going. It is a journey.

      You have started your journey by addressing the eating whilst preparing food. So no need to start again just adjust your journey with the next tiny step.

      I’m currently adjusting my journey as I thought I’d got it but the scales keep tripping me up. When I weigh myself I have a negative response and I become weight-focused again. This is my current hurdle. I intend to stop weighing and focus on non-weight motivation.

      Hope this helps. 😁

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      Kirsten B

      I feel thins too. Thank for posting. I will join you on reading the forum posts. x

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      Thanx everybody – I highly appreciate it.

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