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      jodi b


      I am finding some progress this week with using the idea of choice, choosing to eat or not eat something and still having freedom to not feel deprived afterward, which is awesome. I had a good experience today with choice, I think. There is a temptress where I work who leaves tons of candy and crap in her drawer for the taking. I looked in it today and there was an open pkg of cookies, I took one and ate it. It didn’t even taste all that great. Normally, once I’ve eaten one, then it’s no holds barred and I give myself permission to eat everything in site until tomorrow, or Monday, or the next auspicious day. But I didn’t eat any more cookies and didn’t have a crazy craving to do so, I think this must be progress. I did not stop and breathe and determine my feelings/desire, but I did consider it, a start? The thing that has me a bit down on myself right now is that I ate a very nice dinner, it was healthy and I had plenty, then I decided to give myself a bit of a treat, involving peanut butter and dates. After the 2 dates with peanut butter, I just kept eating peanut butter out of the jar. This felt like a “slide” as someone else mentioned, or just plain habit. How do I stop myself from continuing on, or perhaps I shouldn’t have had any in the first place? Should I just remove the peanut butter from my house as it is one of my biggest binge foods? Thanks, I love this course, it is just what I need.

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      There are tools called “Times and Plans” coming up in Week 4, available to you in a few days, on Sunday. These are helpful in the process of starting and stopping eating, whether meals or snacks such as dates with peanut butter.

      Using these tools very much depends on what we cover in Week 3 – Desire – so that is coming first.

      Even so, you might end up finding that it’s better to “make your choices in the shop” as far as peanut butter is concerned. That is very much your choice as these sorts of things are very different from person to person. I encourage you to try such changes on a trial basis, like, “I’ll leave the peanut butter in the shops for today and see how that goes.”

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