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      Anne Marie

      Gillian, i’d be interested to hear the story of how you chose a cupcake as the logo for this course… Every time I login and see it on my page, I want a cupcake! But maybe that’s the point? The logo cupcake can be a trigger to let go of my addictive desire for sugar? Sometimes I am wishing for it to be a stalk of broccoli!

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      Thanks for asking about my cupcake logo, Ann Marie. It’s gluten-free and sugar-free, sweetened with a tiny bit of honey, and I don’t eat them very often 🙂

      The logo has evolved over time, starting out as a drawing of a young lady sitting with a plate of three cupcakes. Then it became just the cupcake, which was drawn by a different artist.

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      This is interesting… I had a similar thought! The cupcake looks so tempting!

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      Anne Marie

      Thanks Gillian! I like that it went from three cupcakes to one… definitely eating less! 🤓

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