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      Cyndi B.

      Hi everyone~
      I was thinking today about what course tools were especially relevant to me lately… and wanted to share just a couple.

      If you feel like sharing your favorite course inspirations.. please do, and best to you all.

      ⚙️ Re-listening to the 6.3 Relapse video! When I first watched this toward the end of the course, I felt like I got it and that it made 100% sense… but re-listening and now with 4 months of course experience, I REALLY get it. Particularly helpful was hearing again to expect A/D when developing more ease with imperfect eating… which is exactly what I’m in the thick of. When I feel desire to overeat, I sometimes can automatically think that I’m doing something wrong… or that “it’s not working.” This video is really supportive and so step-by-step instructionally clear.

      ⚙️ The MP3 is a good micro summary of the key course points in 6 minutes… so whatever lesson (motivation, choice, desire) I need most in a moment (and it varies), is right there. One sentence in the MP3 can spark me remembering forgotten pivotal details of that lesson. And sometimes when listening I just feel less alone and tiny in the midst of strong A/D. I’ve gone weeks without needing it, but do love having Gillian just a tap away on my phone’s home screen.

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      Hello everybody!!

      My favourite course inspirations and most useful tools are:

      – MP3 of course, a great summary of the course´s keys.
      – Make decisions JUST FOR NOW, keeping future options open.
      – Aim to overeat less, not never in an IMPERFECT way.
      – THE MOST IMPORTANT for me: WORKING THROUGH DESIRE (expected to arise)

      Great Course!!

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      My inspiration changes all the time. I go through the course depending on what I feel that I need. For example, I just reread the Ebook, and it was exactly what I needed- intuitive reading, not eating.
      1. Last week I had an amazing experience related to expectation: I took a bottle of kombucha from the fridge. It was very hot and I was very thirsty, looking forward to the ginger and fizz packed in the dark colored bottle. What a disappointment when my mouth filled in with the bland taste of unsweetened almond milk. Utter disappointment! Destroyed expectation, killed pleasure!
      From the e-book, discussing ghrelin secretion, dependent upon people’s expectations:
      Our expectations orchestrate an array of biochemical
      responses – insulin, ghrelin, saliva, digestive enzymes and stomach acid – in
      preparation for food intake. All of this makes us hungry – and hungry for more –
      even after eating.

      2. An answer for non-weight motivation related to the chaotic eating I posted about recently (I’m not hungry- I don’t eat, then I get shaky, then I eat more than I’d eat at a regular meal): I cannot rely on my hunger and fulness signals. I want to eat regular meals, so that I will feel better.
      The ebook reminded me that intuitive eating, according to such signals, is not for me:
      The essential skill to develop is not reading hunger and fullness signals, but
      managing and releasing the excess, addictive hunger you have for all that food you
      don’t need.
      But don’t trust your body to tell you before you start to eat what is
      unnecessary overeating and what isn’t. It isn’t very good at knowing the difference!

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