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      Mindi J

      Hi Gillian,
      I found out about you through your Ted talk 2 to 3 years ago and promptly bought and read “Eating Less”. I am immediately stricken by two differences: In the book you talk heavily about food addiction and also about keeping things private and not engaging in a lot of conversations with friends/relatives about weight loss. I attended the first September ’21 webinar and had watched most of the Week 1 materials. You have not mentioned either of these topics yet. Questions:

      1. Is it helpful to think in terms of food addiction or have you strayed from calling the problem “addiction”? When I read your book I could not accept that I had a food addiction and was turned off by the concept. But I did ditch the scale (only look at it once a yr since then). A couple of years later ( and a couple of diets later) I picked up your book again and decided to give it another try. The concepts grabbed my attention but decided to look at the on-line class to get extra support and even more ideas. BTW- I payed within hours of watching the first Webinar. Will you talk about food addition in the online class?

      2. With this forum and open questions on the webinars it seems you encourage talking about the process. But this class is with strangers. How do you recommend talking about this process with close relatives and friends?

      3. Are you going to publish an updated book?
      Thanks- Mindi

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      Hi Mindi

      Wonderful questions and I have so much to say in answer to them.

      Is it okay with you for me to reply in the webinar on Sunday? And, I expect others who attend live or watch the replay will be interested in these things.

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      Mindi J

      Sure-I have the webinar on my schedule!

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        Cyndi B.

        Hi Mindi~ Your photo above.. is that in B.C., Canada… or Crater Lake, OR?

        I’ve not read Gillian’s books yet, but look forward to hearing her discuss your questions. Entering the course completely unfamiliar with Gillian’s work, I personally had a profound shift with ELO (beginning with the free ebook) in how I was interpreting feelings of “hunger” that were constant and overwhelming. I’m glad I had the time and space in May to really commit to following the course; not that it takes a lot of time to participate.. but I wrote in a designated ELO journal a lot that month about the experience and that helped me immerse in and personalize the tools presented each week.

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        Mindi J

        My photo is Crater Lake, OR! Have you been there? I live in Minnesota now, but my family lived for decades in Southern Oregon.

        Thank you for taking time to comment. I signed up for this course hoping for a lot more interaction with others going through a similar process. Just reading a book alone was not quite enough for me. I watched all of the videos for Motivation week 1, but did not read all pages of the Ebook. I will do that right soon. Every time I see the material in a different format I get something else out of it. I really like your idea of keeping a journal. I will get one started right way.

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        Cyndi B.

        Ah, I recognized it, Mindi! I was just at Crater Lake this summer.. and even did an impromptu swim.

        Yes, the forum can definitely be a helpful tool.. even considering that the course is a personal and individualized process. Your instincts are right on. 👍

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