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      Feeling a bit low today; yesterday i knew would be difficult with many of my triggers (namely sugar) planned for a couple of special occasions.
      At lunch I had the pancakes, I considered not having them, but did
      1. lazy option as being made for me
      2. wanted to be inclusive with kids and OH
      3. knew id be having a dessert in evening so the today was not compliant to begin with

      in the evening we had those individual chocolate sponge volcano things with choc sauce inside, and ice cream.
      I was really full afterwards and didn’t finish meal until about 8pm. Had planned to have it. Did consider i could have it another day but I felt it was a nice meal and would be a nice thing to have. It was ok.

      Went to go to bed at 10.30, into kitchen to close up…major trigger time, wonder if I’m hungry, make cup of tea, decide what to have, and decide how long to stay there is the normal pattern. Last night stopped and thought, and was aware of addictive desire but it didn’t feel compulsive, i just felt I wanted stuff (more carbs). No one else ate anything after dessert. I had 2 bowls cereal, 2 time out fingers, few pieces of dairy milk, caramel square,all the while thinking ‘after this I’m done, want to go to bed, don’t want to feel full in morning (hate that) and don’t want a weight gain, but still i continued with a ‘i’ll just have that and then..’ and repeat.

      I’m annoyed. I had looked ahead to the day and thought it would be a good one to start putting it all into practice.now i can see i have taken it all in as an academic exercise that i can’t put into action and walk the walk, as Gillian warned.

      AM I expecting too much too soon???? Is there still hope for me?

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      Caroline, I hope you can watch the Session 6 webinar replay, as I speak about your post here right at the start.

      In addition to what I said on the webinar, it looks like you had taken on an all-or-nothing strategy as you thought that day would be “a good one to start putting it all into practice” and you ate something because you knew you weren’t going to “be compliant” for the entire day. I recommend taking one overeating behaviour/pattern, and just using the technique with that, especially at first. An all-or-none approach will never work long term.

      Also – and this is for everyone – I’m not sure it helps to go into the details of what you ate. Much better to look for your understanding and awareness (or lack of!) the three themes of motivation, choice and desire – you will get so much more out of that.

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