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      Hi Gillian, everyone,
      My question is;
      How can I distinguish between plans and intermittent fasting. If I’m right, plans tend to be not so long, perhaps an hour or two from when you’ve eaten, to a time when you decide you will next eat. A choice.
      Intermittent fasting is a longer period of time but is it different from plans because it is longer, or because it doesn’t tend to be choice, because it’s prohibitive, or because it affords no opportunities to face Addictive Desire?
      I think I do face addictive desire when I’m fasting, but am I being prohibitive? Am I being compliant with my own rules?
      Tricky to know which.
      I have been all over the place food wise this week, lost a lot of sleep which always effects my eating and have only just managed to catch up with some of the videos and tasks. Yesterday I ate addictively, something I purchase in an online shop which I know to be extremelyy addictive and so rarely buy it.
      Something which isn’t a bad choice in a small quantity. I bought it shortly after starting the course. I wonder if it was some kind of test to myself. In any case, I ate it all, finishing it off last night.
      Today I had decided to do a fast till 6 pm to make up for what I had eaten, but then after watching the video I decided it might be better to not to fast but to eat but using times and plans instead.
      That would afford me the benefit of meeting addictive desire, so I ate a little less, trying to challenge myself and set a time, (as I am a snacker), for my afternoon snack. I met my addictive desire a few times, breathed, waited 10 to 20 seconds, making a choice and thinking of the outcomes.
      This comes back to my question.
      Can times and plans be used during intermittent fasting?
      I am still a bit mixed up and would like to clarify.

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      You ask, “Can times and plans be used during intermittent fasting?” and the answer is no.

      You would use Times if you wanted to take control of periods of time when you’re snacking. You use Plans if you want to eat less at meals or snacks.

      Maybe would be good for you to watch that video again, some time.

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      Hi Gillian, thanks and oh dear! I will watch it again, I thought I had watched it so carefully and made notes etc.
      I accept what you say is what you said on the video and was sure that I had got that.
      I guess I was looking at the idea of an intermittent fast as a longer period of time not to snack.
      I think you said it was possible to use intermittent fasting while doing this program , maybe I’m wrong but if it is, not sure how it can work with your methods and tools?
      I will watch the video again and see if I can understand better,

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      If you are already doing intermittent fasting, that would not present a problem in terms of working with this technique at other times, i.e. when you are not fasting.

      What I’m wondering now is that you are doing something you call intermittent fasting, but snacking during the fast. Is that the problem you are wanting to address? Because if that’s what is going on, then you are not fasting.

      Maybe I’ve got this wrong. If you can describe the overeating you want to take control of, that would help. And, how is intermittent fasting connected to this?

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      Hi Gillian,

      I have looked at your video again and now I think I understand.

      When I fast, which can be between 16 – 22 hours, I never snack and I’m fine with that. My problems begin when I start to eat as then I tend to snack a lot, especially when I am stressed, over tired or overworked, which is often!

      I think I just hadn’t understood properly, or listened properly as you do mention intermittent fasting in the video.

      I was thinking that deciding not to eat, ( intermittent fasting), for 16 hours was just an extended plan but I think I get it that this doesn’t work that way.

      I am still unsure though, how intermittent fasting isn’t prohibitive, or being authoritative, or am I just being dim?

      Thank Carla

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      Free choice is a state of mind.

      You could fast for 22 hours and the entire time you know that it’s your free choice to do that; you don’t have to start or continue with it.

      Or you could fast for 22 hours and believe that you have ‘locked yourself into it’ and do not have the freedom to eat until your fast is over.

      It’s very possible that you don’t get addictive desire while you fast because it comes from your expectation of eating and you have trained yourself not to have any (fine, no problem). But if your fast seems prohibitive, there could be some rebellion fuelling that snacking afterwards. Very common.

      What you do is to emphasise free choice, especially when using Times to address the snacking.

      In this thread you keep using the word ‘plans’ when you mean to say ‘times’ – so can you watch out for that because it’s confusing?

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      Hi Gillian, thanks for clarifying. I think it is free choice when I fast as I don’t feel a need to snack more than usual when I break my fast.
      Also , yes I do mean ‘times’ and sorry for any confusion, it doesn’t help me if I’m using the wrong words.
      I think I have used facing my addictive desire when I stopped smoking many years ago. I didn’t realise that’s what I was doing and only did it sometimes. I developed the most terrible cough which was very painful so that I was scared to move, I knew that I had to stop smoking and whenever my addictive desire for smoking kicked in, I would face it and say to myself, you can smoke and the you will have that terrible cough or you can chose not to have it and you will be healthier! Sounds a bit like facing my addictive desire to me.
      Anyway, although I’m getting muddled here and there, I want to thank you Gillian for clarifying things for me snd to say how glad I am that I’m doing this course, it is just what I need and I feel very positive about it. I love the way it is all based on science , there are physical reasons for why we do what we do and the science behind it is fascinating.
      Thank you Gillian!

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