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      Ann C

      I have only been able to attend two webinars “live” because of schedule conflicts. But the fact that we can watch, after the fact, and really “get” as much from them has been really good for me.

      I tend to spend about a half an hour to a full hour a day listening and re listening to the webinars and Q and A’s.

      Every single time I listen I hear something new. I find it so curious that I glean a bit of new information every time I do! Does this ring true for anyone else? Maybe I just don’t listen as closely as I should! :}

      I am one of the participants who DOES weigh myself. I am trying to “notice” if I eat more, or feel less motivated when I do weigh and there isn’t a “loss”. I honestly have not noticed that at all. I have NON weight loss motivations that I go through when my addictive desires arise and I use them. I see the weight loss as inevitable , because I am eating less. As I eat imperfectly and continue to learn what “less” really is for me, I try to make each decision not based on ” will I lose weight” but more on my other motivations like not feeling stuffed, to allow the desire to actually pass and then feel so proud for waiting it out, to enjoy my next meal so much more because I am not grazing all day.

      I will continue to listen every day. I carve out a space in my schedule and just do it. It helps me immeasurably I think!

      I know I am a perfectionist. I was the BIG ALL OR NOTHING. I am working on the small all or nothing. This program is amazing to me.

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