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      Hi Gillian and everybody 🙂

      Im writing this because Ive seen some documentaries on GAIA and they are really cool, and this is helping me to stay away from gluten and maybe its helpful to someone else.

      Im in my first week trying seriously to eat without gluten and its not that bad.. It wasnt easy to start, but once you decide it.. it gets easier day after day. Ive decide it to try how it would be and how I´ll feel without gluten for a while. I dont want to establish “3o days without gluten”. Because it sounds like a diet that you break if you bite something with gluten on it.
      So Im without gluten to see how I feel, and sometimes I see something with gluten that is tenting me, I tell myself that Ive eaten a lot of those, and I can eat it if I want to, but Ive decide it to TRY to do not eat it and see how I feel.

      And what is helping me, is to find information about it, like these documentaries on GAIA.

      This documentaries are:

      You can subscribe for a free trial of 30 days if you want to, and whatch them.

      I hope this is useful to someone :o)

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