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      Sophia G.

      Hi Gillian, and everyone,

      Could I ask you please to say more about eating disorders which you raised on the 5.2 video please? You listed ‘serious eating issues’ as one of the justifications/explanations/reasons under a list of Self Identity things.

      You seemed to suggest that ‘serious eating issues’ wasn’t exactly ‘real’ or permanent etc. (I’m not suggesting that you were dismissive in any way.)

      I do believe myself that eating disorders aren’t permanent if the person manages somehow to get ‘fixed’ tho tbh I know almost zero about it.

      But I know that I consider myself to have Binge Eating Disorder – along with millions of other people, I think. I do think it’s curable, and that many of us here are doing just that, here, with your help.

      So I don’t see it as being my Identity.

      But when I realised some years ago that I ticked the boxes for that, it was a revelation, and also a relief and really helped me to see what I was doing which I hadn’t really realised, and I also saw that millions are doing the same thing, and that I was in the same difficult category if I can put it that way.

      I just wonder if you could say more about it please? I think it would be useful for me please.

      Thanks very much.

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      I’m thinking this would be a good question to start the webinar on Sunday.

      Meanwhile, can you say something about how my answer might be of use for you.

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      Sophia G.

      Hi Gillian,

      Just to say that I watched that part of the video a 3rd time, and then it looked clearer to me that you were talking about people making it so much (too much) part of their identity and therefore they would refuse to ‘drop it’.

      Whereas we can drop it ! As I see people saying about on the Forum a lot, and me too.

      I got my perception coloured at the start of that section, when you ‘stressed’ how people believe so much in their ‘serious eating issues’, and my coloured perception coloured other things, but it was clear really – you were clear.

      Seems to me that eating disorders / eating difficulties are terrible horrible things, as we ‘victims’ all know, but really it is amazing that this method, these techniques, really do work, amazingly so – even if the problem has been big and longterm and causing loads of suffering – whatever category we stick it into.

      The word ‘victim’ is interesting to me, as that’s a crux sometimes I guess, of course.

      I’m really amazed really how well I am doing. I wouldn’t have believed it a few weeks ago – that I could have changed THIS FAST.

      Especially really after having failed at it in the past, which was because I couldn’t quite implement it enough. I think that was because I hadn’t really sussed the Choice thing, and didn’t have that on my side when I was trying to resist temptation. This time, I feel I’ve really sussed it and got a good handle which will now stay with me.

      I still am on the lookout really for things that may de-rail me. In a way I am getting confident and trusting myself more, but also it is slow to really trust myself fully because I have slipped before and know I am often weak and lazy.

      Anyway, I still look forward to you hopefully addressing my original Q on Sunday, as I’m guessing it is you would have mentioned that particular ‘justification’ anyway.

      Actually I don’t know why I got anxious really about it, as personally it wouldn’t have got in the way of the things I do to address my desire in the moment anyway.

      Thanks very much..

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      Great, Sophia – we got there in the end 🙂

      And you were right – there was a particular thought that crossed my mind at that point when I spoke about “eating disorders”. I decided not to go off on a tangent at that time – but will share it on Sunday.

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      Sophia G.

      ThankU Gillian
      C U on Sun on the webinar

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