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      Sophia G.

      I just wanted to say, to you guys who will understand, that I am finding that since I shifted my focus from weight loss to good health, and coupled with the helpful, uncluttered info about nutrition, it has had the very welcome effect of making me REALLY focus on my health – a lot.

      – And I’m now making far better food choices and buying different things in the shops, and cut down a lot on some things which weren’t doing me so much good. And will be proactively finding out more about nutrition.

      I had thought my daily diet was pretty good apart from all the over-amounts and apart from all the leeeetle extras, but actually it wasn’t that good at all. I think better than average, and lots of fresh stuff, but still not that great.

      So now I am eating more and more healthy (simple stuff – I’m not a big cook) stuff and enjoying it. A lot of it is easy to change, now that I seem to have lost the aversion and struggle around changing my food choices.

      I think it’s going to last – no reason why not, especially as my digestion has improved already, and I just realised that I haven’t had a headache for weeks ! and I’m looking forward to losing my arthritis symptoms and more.

      So I’m really pleased. I have to tell you guys, as most people would think this was just stating the obvious and they wouldn’t understand how much of a big deal this is.
      Tho it’s a calm and no drama thing which is flowing naturally from the work I/we are doing.

      Anyway, we’re encouraged to keep it all private, which I have mainly done. But I can share it with you on this forum, and you obviously understand my quiet joy about it all.

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      This sounds like great progress! Good to hear.
      Similarly, I am not talking to anyone about what I am doing with regard to eating. It’s good to be able to celebrate the achievements! (as well as the struggles!)

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      Sophia G.

      Hi Annabelle, Thanks a lot. Yes, it’s good to share the struggles too. And our mistakes. I had a treat/partly deliberate non-perfectness of a small choc bar this evening, which I then turned into 2 choc bars. I was a bit surprised that I’d had 2, and then realised later that I’d mistimed my meals and didn’t have breakfast till after 3pm. (due to a combination of getting up very early, then a late morning nap) and my natural hunger or expectation got in the way. Otherwise I think I’d have stopped after the one choc bar, which was my ‘Plan’. That’s one of my challenges due to working Shifts. Am experimenting and making some mistakes sometimes. It is good to read what others are doing. Thanks. I got a bit carried away – very un-British !! But this course is bringing me more than I’d expected, and I’m so grateful, including very glad and sort of grateful to myself really that I’ve persevered over the years and never quite given up, or I wouldn’t be here now. Bashed my head against enough brick walls? I certainly hope so, and that we all have, and that we are all on this path now and that we’ll all make it, even if it takes a while. I’ve done this work before, and couldn’t do it properly before. So even if I’m raving a bit, I have put in the time and hard work and am still doing that. But it really does get far easier, to reassure people who are still struggling a lot. If you have a go, and really do try to implement, you’ll start making breakthroughs, and then you come to a point where it clicks and it gets a whole lot lot easier then. But still work. There is no silver platter.. And I’m still in the tunnel too.

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