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      Eve K

      Dear Gillian

      Before I have signed for your program I have joined a holistic weight loss program.
      Now I don’t know how to put them together?

      The way the weight loss program Goes is how I want to eat and live BUt if I have sticked only to “eating less” I would also integrate some few other foods maybe.

      So both is in contradiction kind of.
      How could I make that work?
      I want to implement both at the same time is that possible?

      Also how do is work with non binge programs ideas that are somewhat similar with yours (eh Kathryn or never binge again)
      I am somewhat overwhelmed because I have all the ideas/helps in my mind paired with my weight loss program.

      Happy to hear your advice
      Thank you

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      The way this program works is to identify and modify the mindset (thoughts, beliefs) that’s holding you back from reaching your goal to eat less. The first step would be to identify those thoughts and beliefs.

      It doesn’t matter so much where they came from (other programmes, books, etc). What matters is that they appear in the ways you currently think about eating and not eating.

      It may be that in time you see that you are continuing to take in one idea from another source which contradicts what you’re learning here. It’s very much up to you as to which idea you follow and decide to reinforce in the longer term.

      In the course content each week I very much aim to demonstrate that this “Eating Less” mindset works best. Just let me know if you don’t understand or believe what I’m presenting. And when you do the written “Exploring…” sections, look to see what’s there in your own thinking and feeling these days.

      As for following the “weight loss program” by eating a certain way or not, that’s up to you and I don’t see how that would have an effect on your success with this program. A similar question was asked in the topic “Week 2: Choice” and you might want to see what I said about that.

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