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      Gillian – In the past, whenever I’ve read or heard you saying that it’s possible to eat less and control eating without feeling deprived or resentful, I’ve always been sceptical about whether that could ever be true for me. But now, after watching 5.4, it’s finally come home to me that my strong attachment to my addictive mindset—and resentment when I tried to challenge it—has been inextricably tied up with not genuinely having a sense of choice.

      So now that I’m taking on board that I really can eat whatever I want whenever I want, I’m finding myself in a quite different space. Deciding whether to eat something right now has completely changed, like stepping into another room. It’s like the question isn’t ‘May I or mayn’t I eat this?’, but rather ‘Is eating this what I really want to choose at this moment, bearing in mind all that I know and what results I’ll be happy with?’ So it becomes kinda interesting to explore the choice in a calm way, and not a matter for resentment any more. Extraordinary! I’d never ever have believed that I’d really come to feel that way. Or that ‘just’ owning a sense of choice could make so much difference. I am so grateful to you for putting it so clearly!

      And the Two Pens reinforced it brilliantly. I loved the point you made that even if I stay with the black pen for the rest of my life, the red pen’s still there! And I can trade in either pen at any time. My choice. Wow. Again… a huge THANK YOU, Gillian!

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      And thanks back to you, Caroline, for this wonderful post.

      It’s very important for me to know there are people who genuinely benefit from these ideas, especially this concept of free choice. That’s why I speak about it so much and do just about everything I can think of (except stand on my head) to get it across. And if standing on my head seemed useful, I’d do that too 🙂

      It’s such a tough block to overcome for so many, and makes such a difference, as you have described: “like stepping into another room”.

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      Caroline great post. I really want to get this free choice ingrained in my brain. I’m getting there slowly but it is still requiring effort. I do like the pen analogy though. It clarifies it in a very simple way. I’ve spent most of my life feeling like I’m locked in that I’m taking a lot of time believing I have a choice. But I know I will get there, I just have to step out of my cell and lock the door behind me forever and throw away the key! Really let go and trust the process.
      Thank you for sharing this post😁

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      Thank you, Mo! Glad that post resonates with your experience. Here’s to us all staying outside our cells and not going back in! 😃

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