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      Irina Gonzalez

      Yesterday, I had a choclate bar and I practiced choice and telling my self that I can eat the whole thing, it is my choice, but will I feel good afterwards? So, I did not eat the whole things, it felt so liberating. But then, in the evening I had a trigger to an emotional grief, something that I saw and it reminded me of my grief. I was so sad, and I do eat when I am sad, my mind becomes foggy and blank. All of a sudden I got so hungry, and even though in the back of my mind I knew there is the course about choice, I went along to eat. And I dont even remember what I ate, I just knew it was a lot. This morning, I am feeling so depressed because I just mindlessly ate to numb my emotions. Any suggestions Gillian in how to proceed in the time of emotional distress?

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      Julie Mann

      Irina you are not alone in this, eager to hear Gillian’s response.

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        Irina Gonzalez

        Thank you Julie.

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      I do have a podcast interview for you to watch, and I’ll be dealing with this sort of issue in Week 5, with the advance content for that being available to you on Sunday.

      But please keep in mind that I don’t ever expect things to go perfectly, with you 100% in control of your overeating, and this is just the sort of thing that can knock you off track.

      Strong emotions of any kind are also generated in the limbic system, so easy to “go blank”, and for many people a cue for addictive desire.

      Here’s the interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6WlIoNAuxQ

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      Irina Gonzalez

      Thank you Gillian, I will watch the youtube and look forward to learn more about it from you on week 5.

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