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      Dear Gillian, I am now quite happy with my relationship with sweet, sugary things during the day at work. At my work there is always sweets and cakes standing around. I talk to them and the cravings almost always subside and I usually don’t eat any of them, sometimes a little. It’s ok. But in the evening I have problems. I come home late, I don’t feel like cooking anymore and I eat, as it is usual here, cold dinner with cheese and bread, some vegetables. I can’t find an ending, and I eat too much. Even if I still cook, it is not much better..and later in the evening I start nibbling around..cheese, chips, yoghurt,quark,carrots,sometimes dark chocolate..I have no control. It annoys me. I have the feeling that in the evening I lack the strength and power to work through my desire. What can I do?

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      First of all, Gunici, there’s nothing unusual about evenings being a tough time, and I guess that may be true for just about everyone. Here are some ideas for you to consider:

      – Take A Stand: I introduce this idea at the very beginning because the easy way is always the default overeating. Change requires real effort and simply won’t happen without it.

      – Notice your Addictive Mindset, which seems to be: “I lack the strength and power (to do anything about this)”. Remember from Week 5 that it’s ALWAYS whatever seems the most plausible and it’s ALWAYS there.

      – I wonder what is at stake for you, and if you are here because you want to lose weight, which could be worse than no motivation at all, and is why you’re stuck? I don’t know but wanted to ask.

      – Make some of your choices at the shops: “If I buy these items and take them home I know I will snack on them mindlessly in the evenings”. You might choose to leave them there in the shops at least for a trial to see how you feel about that.

      – Begin by choosing the overeating you are doing – even if it doesn’t feel like a choice you’re making. Spend a few evenings (at least 4 or 5?) emphasising that the snacking and nibbling is your choice – as it’s your life, your body, your food, and you can do whatever you want.

      That last point may be the most important. Let me know if any of this isn’t clear 🙂

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