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      Julie Mann

      What a great Q&A yesterday.
      Something that struck me: Emma said, “It’s all about taking a stand, in the moment of desire.”
      And Gillian, via Louise’s experience with smoking, reminded us that it’s about recognizing evidence of this method working, either through other’s success/understanding or other ways we’ve done it!
      This led to me thinking about all the ways I’ve successfully changed my brain with other things: exercising daily, giving up sugar, wheat, flour, dairy, all for health outcomes, totally at choice, never feeling like it was restrictive. Later I let go of binging, again via working through desire and focusing on non weight motivation and choice. This is all really huge and I see that I’ve done this already. So now it’s about taking a stand with the too frequent overeating at my evening meal.

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      I was glad Gillian mentioned my smoking last night. It is 20 years since I stopped, and it was can unforgettable experience – I well remember having conversations with a pack of cigarettes! Doing it for overeating is bringing that experience back, and how revelatory it was.
      I think it is harder with overeating, because smoking really is all or none: you either smoke, or you don’t, and the place where the ‘mountain’ begins is very obvious. In think this is why I have found it more difficult to control my overeating, but I am slowly getting there, especially with the help of this forum and having all the webinars available.

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      Anne Marie

      Julie, thank you for this reminder! I am going to Journal tomorrow morning with this idea of looking back on my life and noticing all the things that I have changed, including addictive relationships that I have let go of, and also Other things like you mentioned about my daily walk routine, et cetera…

      In fact, I am thinking right now about that addictive relationship that I let go of 25 years ago… And if I really think about it I find that motivation and choice were huge factors and how I could let go of him. Somehow I was able to understand on many levels that I had to let go of him to keep my sanity, and I understood that it was my free choice… In other words, I wasn’t waiting for someone to come in and break us up, or for him to break up with me… I made the decision and took the control.

      I don’t know if that makes any sense to anyone out there…

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      Julie Mann

      That’s really powerful Anne Marie – yes it totally makes sense. And I’m so glad it resonates to see other areas as evidence of your ability to change your brain! We’ve all done it!!

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