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      Hello Gillian and everybody !
      I would like to know if this ones are good examples of owning choices. Sometimes I feel that Im transforming mines “I HAVE TO DO or I SHOULDNT” to ” IF OWN MY CHOICES..”.
      Here I leave some of my examples, and I would like to know if is not a covered prohibition and deprivation.

      If I own my choices about what I eat…
      … I won’t eat the leftovers or finish the plate just because they are there
      … I wont feel guilty about what I ate, it was my decision, my choice.
      … I wont feel guilty after I ate
      … I’ll eat less ultra-processed food
      … I’ll eat less.
      … I´ll eat healthier and make better choices for myself.
      … I’ll feel a lot better about myself
      … I’ll feel in control
      … I´ll eat food that make me feel better, with better digestions and feeling that I´m healing my gut and my body
      … I wont eat in my car
      … I wont go to a supermarket and buy unhealthy stuff just because Im sad, Bored or Alone.
      … I will decide in present time

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      Looks good to me.

      Just remember to take this exercise lightly; it’s just to explore, rather than to create new rules for yourself.

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      hI! Thanks, I have to do that of do not creating new rules to myself… Because if not Im changing one sentence, to the other one …

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