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      Hi Gillian

      Question about the exercise “exploring freedom”.
      I used my statement and was able to complete the “because’s” and the statements that assert freedom of choice.

      So for example: I cannot go on eating like this, because:
      ~It makes me miserable and I feel powerless (8)

      ~I can go on like this and continue to feel miserable and powerless (2)

      Giving them a score I find I agree more strongly with the first statements but the freedom of choice statements just seem silly..like why on earth would I want to continue to feel miserable and powerless? Does this mean that I am thinking prohibitively and not recognising my freedom of choice to make bad choices or is this the whole point of the exercise to draw attention to the fact they are poor choices?

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      Yes, the idea is to see that you are thinking prohibitively by not recognising your freedom to make bad choices.

      Yes, it’s good for you to see that they are poor choices.

      And important for you to know you are free to continue making those poor choices.

      And even if you did begin to make happier choices, this doesn’t mean your freedom has been compromised at all.

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