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      Hi all
      What I’ve discovered lately is that feeling physically well after eating less doesn’t necessarily feel good as it’s quite an unfamiliar feeling. When I think about choice the feeling of being too full or uncomfortable, although unpleasant, is not necessarily terrible as I’m so used to it. There seems to be some comfort in the familiarity of that feeling. I’m hoping that this will gradually change

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      I do expect that you’ll become more accustomed to this unfamiliar wellness.

      And, continue to remind yourself that if you don’t like “eating less”, you can always return to your old ways.

      Choices we make, by the way, aren’t necessarily all positive or all negative. There’s often a mixture of both.

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      Thank you Gillian, that’s very helpful. That last part sums it up well as it’s part of my all or nothing mentality that I’m trying to change

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