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      Renée L

      A fascinating and insightful interview with Michael Moss.


      From the website:
      “Journalist Michael Moss says processed foods can be as addictive as cocaine, heroin and cigarettes. In his new book, ‘Hooked,’ Moss explores how these companies appeal to our senses, nostalgia and brain chemistry to keep us snacking. “It’s inexpensive, it’s legal, it’s everywhere,” Moss says. “And the advertising from the companies is cueing us to remember those products and we want those products constantly.”

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      Sophia G.

      Thanks very much 4 this Renee. But I don’t know if I can play it on my Apple iPad. Google wants me to install its Android app thing in order to play the google podcast, & I think that I either can’t or shouldn’t. Is it available anywhere else, do you by any chance know? It doesn’t matter if you don’t know.. Thanks again..

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      If nothing else works, Sophia, you can find a number of interviews on YouTube.

      Just go there and search for Michael Moss.

      He’s promoting the same book and will no doubt say similar things.

      I don’t understand why or how some people claim that food cannot possibly be addictive.

      Good that Moss mentions that addiction is a matter of degree, which isn’t often recognised.

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      Renée L


      You can always listen directly from NPR’s website:


      I agree, Gillian. This interview was very insightful, as was his previous book, “Salt, Sugar, Fat”.

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      Sophia G.

      Great. Thanks very much, Renee and Gillian. It’s very helpful for me, viewing the ideas and opinions of well informed people to counteract the (large amount of) rubbish out there in the media. For example, I caught part of something on telly the other day about 2 people who were slim and ate whatever they fancied. They focused on a guy who ate all sorts of rubbish, processed snacks and cheap choc bars etc and stayed very slim. The presenter pointed out things like his regular eating times and his habit of 8 hours a night sleep which may have been a factor, she said, in his steady low weight. But they never once asked about what his actual health was! – at least while I was watching. He could well have been heading towards diabetes or heart disease, all the junk he ate. But those health questions weren’t raised at all. The whole programme was about size. And how great it was that he was so slim. Terrible. No wonder the world is obsessed by dress size. So I do appreciate your recommendations about useful info and Youtube videos and podcasts etc. There is so much rubbish Out There, so it’s Great to have some pointers to genuine true info. Thanks!

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      Thanks Renee,that was really interesting! Similar tactics used by the tobacco and the oil industries- sadly sees to be very effective!

      Hope you and all ELO-ers old and new are well and enjoying life.

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