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      This is a question mainly for Gillian, but all other experiences welcome, as ever!

      My GP suggested that I use the GI (glycaemic) index to gauge what to put on my plate. We don’t seem to hear so much about GI as we did a few years ago, so I wondered what people thought about it, as a reliable guide for what to eat?


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      Louise, the conversation about the glycaemic index has evolved over the years into the conversation about low carb, which is why you don’t hear so much about it these days.

      The GI is a list showing how much and how fast glucose and insulin gets released when we eat particular carbohydrates; for example, pasta as compared to bread.

      If someone is eating low carb they are also eating low GI. Part of the value of eating low carb is less insulin is released, and that’s always a good thing.

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      Thanks Gillian that is helpful to know.

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      Renée L

      Yes, very helpful!

      I always appreciate learning more about nutrition science.

      Hope everyone is well.

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      Very helpful !

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