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      Hi Gillian, and fellow course members.

      It’s good to be going round the course for a second time. I think I’m in a bit of a muddle though and would appreciate some help.

      In following up some of the links on the website I ended up watching loads of videos which challenge conventional wisdom about what makes a healthy diet. The ideas that made most sense to me, based on all the research, were around restricting carbohydrates, particularly sugar, and eating more fat. So I thought I would experiment and it felt liberating to be able to freely indulge in butter, meat, cheese and cream etc and still be supporting my health, not to mention still losing weight.

      The trouble is I can now resist carbs, but find myself increasingly overeating on other ‘healthy’ things and going back to habits of eating more than I need. So am I falling into another form of restrictive eating I wonder? Am I trying to run before I can walk? Should I go back to eating bread and pasta? Am I really choosing what to eat? I was doing really well till I went down this track. Low carb eating makes a lot of sense, but maybe I just have to focus on the overeating to start with?

      Thanks, Jackie

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      Jackie, my guess is that you are really enjoying the fat and maybe especially the full-fat foods, after not having them for quite some time. This enjoyment awakens your desire for them (expectation of eating them) in particular circumstances and quantities. Yes?

      So all you do is to work with your desire, maybe using Times and Plans, to address the overeating you’ve been doing with a different macronutrient (fats instead of carbs).

      In that way, you teach yourself how to enjoy those yummy fats, and still eat less of them, in terms of frequency and quantity.

      Let me know if you run into any problems.

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