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      Joey B

      Just sharing a small personal insight as I am midway thru week 3, Desire.

      A week or two ago, we were asked to maybe pick a goldilocks goal around our eating, “Not too easy, not too difficult”

      My Goldilocks goal has been to not participate in BLT’s. ‘BLT’s’ are bites, licks, tastes. I know when I am at risk of overeating and trying not to (such as after returning home, if I am hanging out in the kitchen or prepping dinner) these little BLT’s of food/snack/prep items can really stoke desire for eating more. This is not good because I am likely eating low food quality value items or I am eating when I dont have true physical hunger. The BLT’s can, and often do, unlock the gate and release the wild horses.

      It is much easier to keep the gate closed so we don’t have to herd in the wild horses. Or deal with their damages.

      The payoff of choosing not to have the BLT’s at that moment is not having to expend energy to fight the subsequent desires. And I will be properly hungry for dinner

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      Christy J

      This seems like a great Goldilocks goal and I must say I love the fact you’ve named them BLT – now you can have a proper conversation with them when they start talking to you! 😊

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