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      Hi Gillian,

      Today I had 2 really good experiences…the cake that is often shared at work on a Saturday simply had no pull on me today, when everyone was tucking in, I wasn’t! I didn’t even have an addictive desire to work through. I did however have a very small slither of it later on because I just “fancied a taste”, I guess that was addictive desire but I enjoyed the small portion, it was enough and then I forgot all about it.

      I decided I wanted to work through my addictive desire for dark chocolate in the supermarket, so when I went shopping tonight I was all set to do this but it was easy, no drama, no real addictive desire and no chocolate in my trolley!

      I do hope this is not compliance…no reason it should though be as I am really asserting my freedom of choice etc.

      So although some personal things are not too good for me right now , I am not adding to my problems by overeating…its a miracle!

      Thankyou Gillian. X

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      It all sounds good, Lucy.

      Dark chocolate has a lot less sugar in it, so that’s why there was no desire. It’s the high sugar content in milk chocolate that can be so compelling – but only when someone continues to feed that particular desire, so if you are already on the dark, that’s good.

      More on this in the webinar tonight.

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