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      Dear Gillian,

      my last binge is around about 4 month ago..its not that i am always happy with what i eat or how i look BUT i am incredible thankful for this course because it has helped me out of my biggest challenge on a daily basis and sometimes it feels like i have started a new inner life.
      BUt i recognised a fear inside me recently because i am gonna go skiing with my families boyfriend for christmas and the last 4 years it has always ended up in a psychological-food-drama. Even i do very well on my daily basis now but i feel fear that i will end up again feeling bad. Its in few days but i am already afraid and i am wondering if you can give me any advice for the next week.

      Many greetings and thanks for doing what you do!!!!

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      Hello Elena.
      I know just how you feel. I am on holiday at the moment and it’s not easy.
      I just try to remember to make better choices when I can, make choices just for now, and accept that I’m not going to be ‘perfect’.

      My husband and I are touring with a group, so all eating times are social. Meaning it can be difficult to eat differently, and in a wholesome individual way. But accepting that ‘it is what it is’, is taking the pressure off me.

      I wish you the best of luck and really hope you can enjoy yourself, accept any eating choices and have fun.


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      Thanks a lot for your message dear Siân, we are on our journey and its nice to hear that other people experience something similiar.
      I went back to some webinars and maybe its helpful to remind ourselfs about the bigger picture. That we can eat everything at anytime but its also us who have to life with the feeling afterwards and its never worth it, right? SO it might be difficult in that moment when you are at the table with the group but think of the feeling afterwards. You gonna be happy and proud if you stick to the choices that lead to a nice outcome and good mindset. It lasts so much longer than the sugar-fat-crush…

      Hope you gonna enjoy your trip and the way you eat!!!

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      Hi Elena

      I think that Siân has already said it all, especially the part about having fun!

      If you are already in tune with the idea of being imperfect at times, it will go a lot better for you. Perhaps you overeat, but you don’t make that mean any thing dreadful, like you’re a hopeless loser, or off the wagon. Self-compassion works.

      When away from home, choosing “for now” can be important as there can be a strong sense that these items can only be available now – in this hotel, in this country, on this occasion. Remind yourself you can have things like this any time; sugar, for example, is everywhere.

      And finally, take a few moments to imagine you are on your way home after this trip, and you are really feeling positive about how you were with food, how much and what you consumed. You didn’t set the bar too high, you weren’t perfect/rigid, and it all went fine. Consider what your eating looked like during the trip in order to create that. And as you go through the hours and days of your holiday, match your eating choices with that image (imperfectly of course).

      Let me know if this helps and how it goes. I notice I never get feedback from you 🙁 How did it go with the chicken wraps you love(d) so much? With that daily chocolate thing? With the confrontation at the hospital where you work?

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      Dear Gillian,

      i am late with my feedback but finally i found time to answer. First of all: i wish everyone a happy and healthy 2020 with many insides and progress moments.
      My trip went super actually, so much easier and better than the last few years.It was very helpful to me to create an image how my food choices should look like during the trip..i did that and it gave me a feeling of security. I made choices which were fair to myself not rigid but also not to freestyle.. and i noticed that i had no addictive desire,i was literally waiting of it but it did not come..that made it easy for me and for the first time after yeas i went home after my holiday trip and felt relaxed instead of unhappy, afraid if i can loose the weight and so on…

      It feels awesome to tell you that i did not eat the chocolate anymore..i guess its 4 month ago that i had my last 300g Oreochocolate.
      Its not that i don´t eat sugar anymore but i never bought this one again. I actually see it now in the shop and i feel sorry for myself. As i said already some of my very strong urges are really gone..i don´t feel them anymore and i thought this will never happen but it does.
      And being in the hospital, using my brain a lot and trying to give my body the best nutrition to be able to work under pressure kind of really helps me..there are some days where i am struggeling but its gone sooooo much better.
      Ah and the chicken wrap..i sometimes have it but without french fries,i realised that they are my problem. The wrap with a portion of salad is my compromise :-).

      Finally doing your course was the best thing i did in 2019 and i really appreciate the anytime i forget something i feel save because of your fast answers.

      Many greetings


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      Wonderful, Elena.

      Thanks for posting this.

      Very good for me to hear all about how it’s gone for you.

      Best wishes for the New Year.

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